A table transformation tale…

Furniture arrives at The Painted Shack in various conditions.  Sometimes, most wonderfully, items turn up that simply need a little paint job to fix them up and make them good as new again.

Most often, however, furniture needs a whole lot more TLC.  A lot of items that come through The Painted Shack doors are found, donated, gifted and rescued from an imminent trip to the local dump.  And a lot of the time there’s a very good reason why it’s no longer wanted in its original home.

20180316_162334 (2)


This table is one such example.  Despite being found left out in the street, pedestal tables are beautiful and popular.  They suit almost any living space and can add real elegance and grace to a dining area. ‘Wow, what a find!’ was my first reaction, as we collected it up to be brought back to the workshop.

I could immediately see that it was, shall we say, looking a little shabby.  It would need a good clean and sand down before we could do anything else.  But that’s all part and parcel.  I started work.

It’s during the sanding process that you really get to know a piece of furniture.  All its quirks, chips, blemishes…but equally all the intricate detail too.  You find the tight fitting drawers, the loose handles, the flaking veneer.   This table started revealing its problems and issues.


My second job on the table was to repair the broken table top mount – the area of wood which fixes the table top to the central leg, using screws to secure it in place.  The wood around the original screws was damaged and wouldn’t be safe to balance the heavy table top onto.  We decided to put in additional fresh support wood, to make sure the fixings would stay strong and safe.

This damage sorted and the item all nicely sanded down, it was time to get the paints out. I opted to paint the table in clean and refreshing white, using a hard-wearing white gloss for the top coat, making the table durable enough for regular day to day use.  The first coat to be applied was the primer, followed by a white undercoat, then finally two coats of pure white gloss.

Voila!  Looking shiny and new it was time to put the table together, stand back and admire my work.

At this time the table decided to reveal its final issue.  Stood, fully assembled and on flat ground, it rocked.  It rocked like Bill Hayley!  It wasn’t a slight tremor, it was a plate and glass sliding incline, that lifted one of the feet off the ground when you lent on the table top.  Damn!

Clearly more work was required before this, honestly, quite beautiful table was ready for re-sale.  We removed the table leg ‘feet’ and fashioned a levelling peg onto the wonky foot.  Finally straightening the table up and making it steady and secure, she was as near perfect as she had ever been.  We were able to put the whole thing together again and she was ready for her photoshoot – always my favourite part of the process – for her awaiting public.

DSCN1153 (2)

So, you see, the furniture renovation process sometimes appears to be so easy, but you just never know what has gone on behind the scenes.



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