My Paint Colour of the Month – French Gray (F&B)

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that greys are in, in a big way, at the moment.  Grey is THE interior design staple of the moment.  It provides a great neutral backdrop to almost any other colour scheme you wish to throw at it; pinks, yellows, blues, purples, they all love being paired with grey.  In my line, my best selling items are the things I paint in grey.  And I’m cool with that, I happen to like it.  In fact my paint colour of the month this month is Grey, French Grey, or to be more precise, Farrow & Ball French Gray.

This is an absolutely beautiful and soothing colour, which will go well with just about any other colour.  It has a slight green tinge to it, giving it a depth of interest and moving us subtly away from the normal shades of grey which are adorning almost everyone’s walls, floors and furnishings right now, but it’s still very much a grey.  It’s a clever shade which changes ever so slightly, depending on where you use it, the amount of light shining on it and the time of day.

Painted on walls French Gray looks elegant and stylish, picture 19th century French chateaux and country farm houses.  Owing to its green tinge it sits prettily and perfectly on garden furniture and in garden rooms, blending seamlessly into the natural greens.  And, of course, painted on furniture it gives previously dated items a modern and sophisticated look.  It’s ideal on items such as this kitchen dresser, which I painted for a client, paired with Lime White, French Gray’s complimentary white.

20180316_113642 (2)
French Gray and Lime White are a beautiful combination.

20180313_095341 (2)

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