Colour of the Month – Green

With Summer finally on its way (at the time of writing!), Britain is looking pretty, lush and very green at the moment, making it my colour of the month.

Green is the most natural of colours and also one of our favourites.  It represents the natural world, signifying the awakening of the earth after the long Winter.  It’s a calm, restful colour and the most relaxing colour to the eye.

Keralan lush.jpg


It’s also a neutral colour (yes, really) and a balanced colour.  It can be either warm or cool, making it a good colour to use in almost any room and a good colour to combine with other colour schemes.  After many years of  greys and neutrals being king, colours are started to make a comeback in interior design and this is set to continue.  Last year tropical prints were everywhere, often featuring lush oversized vibrant green leaves on wallpapers, rugs, prints and sofas.  Living rooms and bathrooms were accessorised using large leafy plants, such as the Swiss cheese plant.  This trend is looking to stay for a little while too.

Green has a wide range of shades, which all provoke different meanings and emotions in us; elegance, sophistication, rebirth, growth, refreshment, calm and relaxation, envy and jealousy, wealth.  Dark forest greens represent strength, security and wealth.  They are often used in universities, libraries and public schools.  Use green with red to create a traditional feel to your home.  Soft mint greens create a calming effect, making them perfect for nurseries.  Lime greens are sharp and vibrant, giving off a feeling of energy, used correctly they are great in open plan living spaces.

One of Farrow & Ball’s colour trends for 2018 is Calke Green (No. 34), suggesting its use with Pitch Blue (No. 220).  Calke Green is a muted and sober green which looks beautiful next to the bright and sunny Pitch Blue.  This Calke Green shade would work well painted on furniture, such as a bookcase, against an Old White background or, of course, a wall painted in Pitch Blue.


I recently had a commission to paint some furniture in Farrow & Ball Card Room Green (No.79) The furniture really suited that shade and the results were really very beautiful.  I combined this green with Lime White to create a modern look to some old furniture.

If using green on a big expanse of area, such as the walls, opt for a muted green and bring other colours in for the furniture, flooring and accessories.  Alternatively you can use green as the accessory colour against a completely different hue on the walls.  Accent greens can be as bright and bold as you can find, as you want them to pop and create interest.

Surprisingly, dark greens work well in small rooms and areas, such as the bathroom or a downstairs washroom.  Use dark green on the walls but balance the dark shade by keeping the sanitary fittings all pure white, with light coloured flooring and large light-reflecting mirrors.  This can create a dramatic effect with a cosy warming feel.

As the colour green most often makes us think of the natural world, adding lots of indoor plants or green patterns depicting nature is a way of creating a calming and soothing place to relax, whether that is in the living room or the bedroom.

Conservatories or garden rooms equally benefit from continuing that natural world in from your garden area, again making them great spaces of relaxation and tranquillity.

Green is all around us – the world is a better and prettier place for it.




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