Oo la la. The renaissance of French Country design.

French Country is a beautiful and popular interior design style, which conjures up feelings of elegance, glamour, grace and beauty, whilst remaining comfortable and warm.


Furnishings feature sensual curved lines, such as the legs of a Queen Anne chair, the curved arms on a sofa or the decorative frontage of an armoire.

Very often furniture is painted in soft warm colours, such as pastel pinks, yellows and pale blues, but freshly painted items sit alongside natural and distressed wood items, creating an air of natural elegance.  Antique and vintage pieces mix with more contemporary items.  The key is to avoid making everything matchy-matchy, old and new items can sit happily and dreamily together.


Beautiful fabrics, featuring provincial patterns and toile, drape the windows often pooling onto the floor in a relaxed and romantic way.  More patterned fabrics lend a soft and welcoming feel to the chairs, sofas and armchairs.  Decorative trims are often used, carrying on the sense of soft femininity.

Oversized and gilded mirrors look glamorous, while also throwing light into the space.  Use hints of gold in the fabric patterns or on the furniture to repeat the gild and glamourous feel.  High ceilings, typically found in Parisian apartments, are emphasised with the addition of large crystal chandeliers.

If you’re creating your own French Country look, avoid bold, bright or garish colours.  Stick with creamy pastels in warm colours and light shades, especially on the walls.  If you’re really keen on adding some bold, darker or bright colour, use this on the curtain material.


Add a vase of flowers, keeping it simple by using one type of flower in a non elaborate arrangement – simplicity is key here.

French Country Chic will always be in vogue and it’s easy to have yourself a little slice of decadence in your own living space.

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