Paint Colour of the Month – Lancelot Grey

Despite all indications that greys are moving on and colours are entering our interiors again, grey is still my most popular paint colour for both furniture commissions and furniture sales.


This last month one particular shade of grey has dominated.  Its name – Lancelot, from the Valspar Range.  I’ve painted several items in this shade for various clients and have loved the results.  So much so that I’ve incorporated it in some of my own shop items, making it my paint colour of the month.

Lancelot is a mid shade of grey, neither too dark nor too light, it sits happily and prettily between the two extremes, meaning it will compliment both other shades of grey and other colours in the spectrum beautifully.


A client’s item, painted in Lancelot Grey,  all finished and awaiting its return home.


It has warm tones, making it a good shade to use in north facing or shady rooms.  It also has a very slight tint of green to it, but not so much that you’d notice immediately, it’s still very much a grey, unlike Farrow & Ball’s French Gray, as discussed in my earlier blog

It is only when paired with a cool, light grey, such as Moon Stone, which has blue undertones, that you notice the green tint, but it is there and all the prettier and more versatile for it.


I painted Lancelot with another light, almost white, grey called Light Rain on a beautiful old dressing table.  I then added silver to the drawer handles for extra dimension and interest.

If you’re looking for a warm, interesting shade of grey that will pair seamlessly with other colours and other shades of grey, then Lancelot is a firm recommendation.  I’ll definitely be using it on future pieces, so long as our love of all things grey continues.

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