Beach Chic Interiors – The Ocean’s Your Oyster!

Whether you’re decorating your beach house, a home by the sea, or just want to bring a bit of the beach to you for those (many) times you just can’t get to the beach, creating a happy sea/beach themed room is easy and fun.


Colour Palette

Set the tone by first setting the colour palette.  Sandy beige and soft browns work perfectly with pale to mid blue and turquoise.  Use pale soft colours on walls and floors, then use darker blue and deep turquoise as ascent colours, to create a calming gentle room, reminiscent of a quiet, remote beach spot.  Furniture painted in shades of blue can bring the sky and ocean into your home.  Alternatively add splashes of red, orange, pinks and yellows, to bring the beach feel to life – think busy beaches at the height of season, with colourful beach huts, ice creams and sun parasols.


Nautical Notes

Wall hangings, cushions and ornaments depicting boats, life buoys, fish, starfish, anchors and lighthouses create a nautical feel.  Or use stripes in mid tones of blue on soft furnishings and curtains.

Natural fibres

Use natural fibres and wood, rattans, drift wood, hessian, wicker…. A large hessian rug on the floor, some wicker furnishings and oversized chair seat covers bring thoughts of beach shacks in far distant places, serving cool tropical drinks.


Large glass jars and candle holders add soft lighting and conjure up images of lighthouses, being lit as dusk falls.

Sand, Stones and Shells

Fill glass vases and jars with sand, a few shells and maybe a tealight.  Add stones and shells to oversized bamboo bowls.  Use stone and shell printed fabric on cushions and throws.  Carry the theme onto prints on wall canvases.


There are so many images that can be used to bring the beach theme into your home and so many ways in which to incorporate those images.  Favourite holiday photos, blown up on canvases or sleek framed prints, pictures of sailing boats on cushions, even drawer handles on furniture can add that subtle touch.


Check out these gorgeous nautical drawer knobs, available from  It’s the little touches that can add so much interest and really bring the seaside into your home.

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