Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian style is busy and random.  Like the Bohemians of old it doesn’t follow a set of rules, but instead has a relaxed vibe, conjuring up a carefree existence.


To create a Bohemian interior design, carefully choreograph a space to look ‘messy’.   Fill the space with colours, patterns, paintings and accessories, creating interest from the floor to the ceiling.

Bold vibrant colours, such as reds and purples, and rich patterns jostle each other for attention.


Use Moroccan and tribal style prints on cushions, throws and rugs.  Hang colourful lanterns from the ceiling and fill empty spaces with macramé style hanging baskets holding pot plants.


Create more interest with shelves displaying ornaments, candles, incense burners, books and beads.


In a bedroom use exposed or open wardrobes displaying colourful collections of shoes, bags and scarves, or have a coat stand in the corner holding all those colourful hats, scarves and bags.  Use a low and slouchy bed, piled high with multi-coloured blankets, tie-dyed throws and patterned cushions.  Hang Indian style patterned throws from the walls.

In a living room again use low and slouchy sofas with brightly coloured cushions and rugs.  Fill shelves with books and pot plants.  Furniture can be mis-matched and needn’t be pristine, a few little chips and bumps just add to the bohemian vibe.

Head to local flea markets to collect accessories to add interest to your Bohemian styled living space.

The Bohemian style is fun, so enjoy browsing around second hand stores and flea markets for furniture and accessories.  Generally just enjoy putting it together, then lay back and enjoy the interest of the space.


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