Back to Black!

There is something intriguing and interesting about black used in interior design.  It’s a bold and brave colour choice but, when done well, it can look stunning.  In fact, all interior design insiders are predicting that black is going to be hitting our living spaces with aplomb next and the coming years, so keep a watch for it.

black walls

The idea of painting walls solid black may sound scary, a little crazy, but black walls really work well in small spaces, in rooms such a bathrooms which have plenty of large white fixtures and mirrors.  Use black on walls which have large windows, to create a dramatic frame to the view outside.  Or create a stunning entryway by painting a small hallway black, introduce large and bright chandeliers and wall lights to welcome people in.  Painting one feature wall in black helps balance and odd-shaped room, such as a long thin room, bringing that wall forward which will help give the appearance of a squarer space.

Black stairs

Black skirting boards, door frames and stair rails also work well against light painted walls.


And then there’s the black statement furniture!  Items painted black sit well against almost any colour wall, from pure white to dark brown.  Team items with bronze accessories and large pot plants.

Black and bronze work perfectly together

Browse through interior design magazines, Pinterest and the internet for more incredible black decorating ideas and you will be amazed at just how well black really does work when used on walls, floors, doorframes, furniture and accessories.


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