Turquoise – My Colour of the Month


Turquoise conjures up images of the beach and sea – fitting for the wonderful Summer we’ve had this year and making it my Colour of the Month.

Because its colour is similar to the sea, psychologically it relates to a feeling of peace and serenity.  The component colours of blue, green and yellow create emotional balance and stability.

Turquoise originated as a gem stone of its distinct hue, one of ancient holy meaning and it’s often believed to be a bringer of good luck and fortune. Both the stone and colour are associated with domes and mosques of Iran, Central Asia and Russia.

Using turquoise in your interiors can create stylish and glamourous results.  It mixes well with many colours, try adding turquoise accents in white, grey or beige/chocolate themed rooms.


Equally, due to the calming nature of the colour, it works well on painted walls too.  But be wise to remember that turquoise coloured walls work best in very light and airy spaces.

Match your turquoise with natural fibres or even add further bold accent colours, such as yellow, orange or even lime.


Despite being zingy, fresh and interesting, the calming serenity associated with turquoise makes it a beautiful colour to use in the bedroom.  Beach houses, conservatories and outside spaces also look great with a touch of turquoise.  Play around with it, have fun with it, let it calm your senses and bring tranquillity and good fortune to your home.

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