What exactly is Urban Modern Interior Design?

Trendy and hip, Urban Modern interior design is about cosmopolitan style and living.

It incorporates elements of industrial contemporary and minimalist style, but with a warmer, softer feel.  Industrial contemporary lends itself naturally to modern city dwellings, old converted warehouse apartments, for example, where exposed brickwork and pipes, high ceilings and open plan layouts result in sleek but rather harsh/cold design.  Urban Modern design however brings a softer, more homely, feel.


Exposed brickwork, rugged wood flooring and floor to ceiling windows are given a warmer feel by the inclusion of luxuriously upholstered sofas, high quality rugs, curvy sculptures, plants in decorative pots and abstract artwork.

Screenshot_20180803-075806 (2).png

Urban Modern style isn’t restricted to those converted warehouse conversions however, you can still create an Urban Modern design in a standard family home, just by adding some of those urban chic staples.  Where possible show some exposed brickwork, source furniture with metal legs, or personalise your existing furniture replacing existing legs on, say, the coffee table and replacing them with castors, use sleek metal lamp and light shades, keep accessories to a minimum but those you use make sure they make a big impact, avoid floral fabrics and patterns but if you’re looking at patterns look for geometric patterns instead.  Exposed metal items, such a copper kettles and pans, on show in the kitchen area also work to create that Urban Modern style.



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