What will be trending in interior design for 2019?

I know we’re still very much in 2018 but the midnight hour bells and warblings of Auld Lang Syne will soon be upon us.  2019 will, as every year previous, see new trends moving into our homes.  So, I thought I’d take a quick peek at some early trend predictions for next year, 2019.

This is the work of TRW Modern Vintage in Ohio.

It seems that colours are set to continue being hot stuff in interior design, particularly colours from the ‘hot’ side of the spectrum, the reds and oranges.  One thing that really caught my eye was the prediction that bright red statement furniture is going to be THE thing.  I need to start looking into the red paints available out there, although I suspect that burgundy reds, rich and beautiful, will be a winning shade with which to paint your furniture.  Watch this space for when I get experimenting!

Matt black is another colour which has been seeping into our interiors and this is a trend that looks set to stay.  Rather than be afraid of this brave interior design colour, embrace it, play around with it and be surprised by its results.  See my earlier blog http://www.thepaintedshackcouk.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/back-to-black for inspiration and ideas.

Recycling and upcycling will continue to be a responsible choice for socially aware and conscientious home renovators and interior designers, professional and personal alike.  Recycable materials used for products, from furniture to flooring to lighting, will be as an important decision factor as, say, colour and style.  Using natural materials sourced from sustainable resources is key.  And when it comes to your furniture, as I always say, upcycling is the very best way to keep your carbon footprint nice and low.

Smart homes are set to get smarter.  It’s not enough to have remotely controlled lighting, heating and kettles.  Smart mirrors are coming, doubling up as health trackers, lighting and entertainment systems.  The dream of asking your mirror ‘Who is the fairest…?’ has finally arrived!

Interior design trends will keep coming and going, moving forward and keeping us on our toes, but one thing to remember when trying to keep up with the trends is to find what you like and what suits your living space and lifestyle.  Decorating and furnishing your home with the things that really inspire and please you is, ultimately, the best way to go.


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