My colour of the Month – Invigorating Orange


With Autumn fast approaching there really was only one colour for my Colour of the Month blog: Orange.  Conjuring up thoughts of Halloween and the changing colours of the leaves on trees, orange is very much an autumnal hue, but it’s so much more.

It’s a colour that divides opinion, people generally either love it or hate it.  For the people who love, it is reminiscent of sunsets and bright colourful fruits, such as its namesake the beautiful juicy orange.  Orange is a warm , exciting and energetic colour, like fire, which grabs attention and uplifts the mood.  It is often used in advertising because of these properties.

Saffron orange is a sacred colour in Hinduism and worn by Buddhist monks.  Children are often drawn to it’s fun and vibrant colour too. (My own childhood favourite teddy was orange)

When it comes to interior design, however, orange has earned itself a bit of a bad rep.  It can be associated with 1970s retro chic design (generally paired with brown) , which is fabulous if that is the style you’re looking for, but for a 21st century up to date and modern interior orange can be very much overlooked, forgotten and even feared.  So, what’s the best way to bring a bit of zing into your home and get some energetic orange back into your life?


The general rule using orange is ‘less is more’.  Too much orange in one room can definitely be overpowering, unless you really know what you’re doing.  The best way to avoid a claustaphobic result when decorating with orange is to pair it with pure, brilliant, white.  Paint one or two walls orange, but counterbalance it with white on the remaining walls, the woodwork, the furniture, picture frames.


Alternatively, keep the walls white and add accents of orange using accessories, artwork, picture frames, cushions and rugs.



When using additional accent colours, try turquoise, light blues, purples, colours that are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum.  Turquoise and orange are a very good mix that work well together, but again remember the ‘less is more’ mantra.

Orange is said to have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and to stimulate appetite, so it’s a very good colour to use in the dining or breakfast room, however that same stimulation from the colour orange means it’s probably best to avoid using it in a bedroom, particularly in a child’s bedroom, where the use of orange could result in difficulties in getting the child to sleep.  If you are using orange in a bedroom choose the more calming shades, rather than the bright zingy razzle dazzle of pure orange, look at shades such as apricot or terracotta, shades which are calmer and more soothing to the eye.

Orange can be such a fun colour, it would be nice to see it coming back into our homes, particularly as the general word on the Interior Design street is that colours in our homes are heading this way!



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