50 shades…….

Chatting with my parents the other day we got talking about the interior design trend that has been with us for a while now, greys, and how I’ve painted so many items in various shades of this interior design staple over the past couple of years.  Both commissions and furniture sales have shown just how very popular grey pieces have become.

So, for a bit of fun and in tribute to all the beautiful items I have lovingly sanded, primed and painted in all the different grey tones I thought I’d put together a little montage of pictures…

Nest of coffee tables, finished in light and dark shades of grey, with pure white gloss tops
This commission item was painted in Farrow & Ball French Grey, which has a slight green tinge, making it a little bit different from the norm.
This ‘steps’ bookcase was painted in light and dark greys and given a beautiful sparkly glitter back to make it really individual.
Totally unique!  This vintage 1920’s Art Deco dressing table was gifted to me.  It was a bit chipped and marked, so needed a facelift.  It came out looking fabulous and glamourous in shades of grey, Sweetie! 
This sideboard was a commission, which was painted in a mid grey.  The insides were painted in a much softer, light grey, giving it a lovely contrast.
This television cabinet looked so very battered when it came to me, but it sold literally as soon as I finished painting it – in those signature light and dark greys again, of course.
My most recent ‘grey’ item – another television cabinet.  As I type this is still awaiting its new home, although I have had a few enquiries so by the time you’re reading this it might be gone.

I could have filled up pages and pages of pictures, but you get the idea.  Grey is big news in interior design.  I sometimes wish it wasn’t because I love painting in various, beautiful and imaginative colours, but the public wants what the public wants, so what can I do?

Check out my gallery page on my website http://www.thepaintedshack.co.uk if you’d like to see more photos of grey painted furniture – or if you’d like to see some other colours on furniture too!




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