Paint Colour of the Month – Purbeck Stone

Sorry for my recent quiet period on this blog site, things have been pretty hectic in The Painted Shack lately, so I simply haven’t had time to be painting and blogging at the same time.

I’m still busy and have a couple of really interesting projects on the go, but I thought I’d stop, put the brushes down for five minutes, and take the time to announce my paint colour of the month – Purbeck Stone.



Yes, it’s another grey, unsurprisingly as the name would suggest as such.  This is another Farrow & Ball classic colour – its full name/title Purbeck Stone No 275.  The colour and name originate from the coloured stone found in the Isle of Purbeck.

Purbeck Stone is a mid shade of grey, but this time the grey is punctuated with distinct undertones of blue, making it a very cool shade.  Those hints of blue are only detectable in certain light, but they mean this particular shade of grey would pair well with other greys, silvers, blues, purples….any cool colours, really.  I would avoid using this grey with colours such as reds, golds, ambers and browns.  Team with another Farrow & Ball white, Ammonite No 274 or the slightly confusingly named Blackened 2011 (which is another white).  Again, avoid using Purbeck Stone with creamy, yellowy or beigey whites.


I used Purbeck Stone on a recent commission, which involved me repainting a couple of factory painted cabinets, originally from The Cotswold Company.  They were good quality and beautiful units.  Keeping the natural wood tops in their natural state, which is a highly fashionable look at present, I simply painted the main carcasses to give them an uplift and for them to fit in nicely with my client’s new home interior design plans.

I’ve had many, many grey paints come my way over the past few years, but this one really caught my attention because of its underlaying blue hue and the way the colour really openly changed in the different lights, which is so typical of the Farrow & Ball paint range.  Their colours always seem to have the ability of unfolding before your eyes, creating interest at every level.

I suspect I shall be using Purbeck Stone on other items in the future, I’ve certainly got a few pieces that would look great in it and if the trend for grey interiors continues I’m sure this particular shade will continue to prove popular.  I’ll post more pics of items painted in this colour over the coming weeks/months, so watch this space.

If anyone has used this paint colour and would like share their work and views, I welcome your input.

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