My Colour of the Month – Gold


OK, so with it being the silly season and everyone doing all things festive I’m guessing the only decorating most people are doing right now is that of the tree, which would make either green or red very obvious colour choices for my Colour of the Month.  However, I’ve recently been involved with a commission which has had me painting some bedroom furniture in gold.  It’s actually made me feel ever so slightly festive.  Gold was, after all, one of the gifts to Baby Jesus!


Gold is a popular and luxurious choice to theme Christmas decorations, particularly the Christmas dinning table.  Bright, shiny and light reflective, gold adds sparkle and warmth to a beautifully decorated Christmas room.

It represents opulence, wealth and extravagance and signifies success and prosperity, making it a positive colour to surround yourself, especially at Christmas (when most of us are generally feeling the Christmas pinch!)

Surrounding yourself in too much gold colour all the time can, however, have negative connotations.  It can create an egotistical person, who becomes power hungry, untrusting, selfish and greedy.  We all thrive on a bit of ambition, but there is a healthy line!

That’s not to say gold isn’t a beautiful addition to an interior design scheme.  Metalics are trending right now, so used correctly gold can be a modern and sophisticated choice.  But must be used with caution….the old adage ‘Less is more’ is definitely key here.


Gold is an eye-catching powerful hue and it can quickly become overbearing, making your home look gaudy and brash.  Accessorise carefully, keeping backgrounds and design looking ‘clean’, avoid teaming gold with too much pattern, too many other colours or over-styled pieces.  Let your gold ornaments or trims sing for themselves.

For a contemporary look, team gold with fresh and modern colours, such as whites and greys.  Or create a rich sophisticated look matching gold with deep greens or reds.

A few large items of gold furniture, such as an armoire and dressing table, sat in a room decorated in one base colour, such as white, navy or red, will look striking and opulent, but keep clutter and ornaments to an absolute minimum.  Avoid making the room look too busy.

Have fun with it, but understand when to stop – and be firm with yourself about that cut-off point.  Don’t keep buying gold candles, vases, frames, accessories, lamps and generally any old tat you spot, just because it’s gold and you have a ‘theme’.

So, I’m back to my brushes and pots of gold paints to continue work on the furniture I currently have in my workshop.  I’ll be posting photos of them when they’re finished and have been returned to my client, so keep an eye out on my blog page and Instagram page

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