Take a seat….!

Somebody once mentioned a little fact about me, apparently all I ever post on Social Media are pictures of chairs!  I wasn’t told that directly to my face, but it was an observation made by one acquaintance to another and the comment made its way back to me.  Hmmm, I pondered whether that was actually true and whether I very much cared.  It made me realise that yes I probably do post a lot of pictures of chairs, I’ve painted so many of them over the years, but no I don’t really care whether that’s an annoyance to my audience, friends, family or lowly acquaintances.  It’s what I do, so I’m hardly likely to be posting photos of footballers, days out kite-surfing or freshly baked cakes, am I?!

Anyway, that subsequently gave me an idea to really hammer home the fact that painting chairs is a large part of my world and that maybe it warrants having a little blog about that fact.  So, here it is, my life documented by way of the chairs I’ve painted!

(It’s just for fun, you can switch off/over or close the page at any point the tedium hits!)

This is one of two stools which came my way, looking tatty with worn plastic seat covers.  I painted them and recovered the seats in plush valour fabric, then gave them unique designs on the chair legs for a cute new look.

These two stools turned up in a very sorry state – they were worn and broken.  Several of the spindles were broken and needed to be repaired, a couple were missing.  In fact it was actually four stools which arrived at The Painted Shack, all in various states of disrepair.  Using the best parts from each stool they were repaired and given a beautiful coat of deep varnish to be made to look like new.  Voila!

Who could fail to fall in love with these two super cute old school chairs, painted in Calypso Coral pink and Tendershoots green.  One of my favourite commissions this year.

This Lloyd Loom chair came to The Painted Shack in vivid green, which was bright but not to everyone’s taste.  A lovely client commissioned it for a new modern look in two shades of grey.

I painted this plain pine kitchen chair in a light grey, but thought it looked a bit boring, so I decided to jazz it up with different shades of greys and silvers.

There were actually a set of six chairs, but two aren’t shown in this picture.  I think they look great, finished in beautiful Farrow & Ball Tallow, but I must admit by the time I’d finished painting all six I was a little tired of painting chairs!

I actually really enjoyed painting this beautiful rocking chair, I love receiving commissions on furniture that’s a bit unusual.  Pure white suited this chair, although I think it would have looked great in a darker colour too.

Remember those broken and sorry stools from earlier in this post, the ones I repaired and revarnished to look like new?  From the broken remnants of the four stools in total, we fashioned this further stool, which I decided to paint in pure brilliant hard wearing gloss, for a totally different look.

Anyway, I think you get the jist, there have been a lot of chairs coming through the doors but not a lot of sitting still.  I won’t continue, this blog post could go on for a long, long time…..

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