My Year in Review – 2018

It’s almost over folks, another year down and it’s been quite a remarkable year in so many ways.  It has, as ever, flown by at an ever increasing rate.  Our climate and weather continued to baffle, amuse, entertain and exasperate us, giving us The Beast from The East at the beginning of the year, followed by a record breaking memorably long, hot and beautiful Summer.  The world in general has been living on the brink of one human-made catastrophe after another, at the hands of increasingly bat-crazy, off-the-wall cartoon-like characters of power and dictatorship.  England came tantalisingly close to some World Cup success, after all these years.  And it’s all been to the backdrop of the ‘B’ word – Brexit!  That’s been a fun little number to watch unfold….unless you’ve been lucky enough to find a freshly painted wall (or piece of furniture) to stare at instead!

For me 2018 signified the end of an era personally, meaning I had to stand up, be strong and, as they say, carry on.  It strengthened me and gave me new found confidence, but was not without trauma and upset.

As far as The Painted Shack was concerned, it’s been a varied and busy year.  January through to May I was busy with some lovely commissions.

I had a steady turnaround of new items coming in, being painted and then leaving for their new homes.  I was so very lucky with some wonderfully kind people, new friends, who gifted me beautiful items of furniture they no longer wanted.  Embracing the ethos of The Painted Shack they preferred to see their old furniture being upcycled into something new, rather than take it to the local dump.

Oddly, or possibly not, during our glorious heatwave which saw the Summer stretch out lazily ahead of us, The Painted Shack was eerily quiet.  Nothing came in and, in the heat, I was in no frame to be painting.  So the brushes – and me – took a relaxing break, giving me chance to get out and about, meet new friends in the area, explore new places and really find my feet in my fun-filled home town of Southend.  What a Summer that was!

During that time, while Britain baked, we had the London Design Festival in London, which I was lucky enough to get to.  It was a great day out and coincided with the launch of nine new colours from esteemed paint providers, Farrow & Ball.  As I was heading into London for the Design Festival I thought I’d tag a little visit to the Farrow & Ball Colour Immersive Event, which heralded the arrival of their new colours.

It was also around this time that I hosted my first Painting Furniture Workshop, which was interesting and fun.  I’m hoping to organise more workshops and events for 2019.

Enquiries picked up towards the end of Summer and I was kept busy every day, not least when October started and my Adult Education courses recommenced – French, Pottery, Piano and Photography for me this year, a beautifully rounded selection of useful and/or whimsical skills I hope to master over the next few years.

So, what does 2019 hold in store for me and The Painted Shack?  I’m hoping the business will continue to go from strength to strength, with continuing new customers, clients, friends and business associates.  I’m hoping to start stocking household accessories and objet d’art, more workshops, new paints and painting techniques coming into play and generally new found New Year enthusiasm.  There are lots of new ideas buzzing around my head.

Watch this space!

In the meantime, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping that 2019 is a prosperous, eventful and memorable one for us all – for all the right reasons.

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