Incorporating metallic into your interior design scheme is easier than ever right now.  Years ago those metallic touches were confined to the taps and mirrors, but these days there’s barely a surface which cannot be metallicised and made to look good for it.

The choices of metals and shades available are numerous and the beauty of using metals in your scheme is that you can play around with your choices.  You can mix and match, taking some metallic shades from the cool side of the spectrum, your silvers, steels and nickels, and combine them with warmer shades, the golds, rose golds, coppers and bronzes.

Cool metals add sleek sophistication, while the warmer metals add glamour.  Depending on the style of item, either cool or warm metals can add a raw urban feel, think naked pipes in loft conversions, straight lined metal chair and table legs.

Using metallic colours in your scheme doesn’t mean you have to surround yourself with pure, cold, hard metal.  Fabrics with metal hues work wonderfully to soften your approach, meaning you can retain warmth in your design, using natural woods for furniture and flooring, adding metallic in the sofa, curtain and cushion fabrics.

Alternatively metallic painted furniture, units, fixtures and fittings can be softened up by mixing them with plush, soft furnishings of various textures, such as sheepskin rugs and long pile cushions.

When mixing metal shades avoid adding too many styles to your design.  You can use a multitude of metals in one space, but ensure there is one comment element that ties them together, such as the style or shape.

Or you could stick to one base colour metal, i.e. silver, then just add that one statement piece in an alternative metal, such as bronze.  Make that one piece stand out alone among the other pieces in the room.  For example, silver toned soft furnishings, silver chandelier from the ceiling and silver mirror, then add a straight gold legged coffee table in the centre of the scheme.

Of course sticking to just the one shade of metal is (almost) failsafe, so long as you keep in mind a main principal of interior design – balance.  Always balance your hard shiny metals with something soft and warming, fabrics, a plant, flowers, a wicker bowl of fruits.

Keep colour schemes fairly neutral when using metallics.  If you are adding colour only add one and choose wisely.  Jewel tones, such as purple, and dark bold colours work well with brass and cooper, but silvers and steel look great with whites, greys and blues.

I’d love to see your own metallic inspired interior designs, please send over pics for me to drool over.

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