Colour of the Month – Silver

Most of us incorporate silver into our interior design schemes, often without even being aware of it – think taps, mirrors, door handles, cutlery – although that is often an unconscious decision of simple practicality.

Others really embrace this adaptable and beautiful hue into their homes, with intent, passion and flare.

With the recent trend for all things grey, silver is a natural go-to metallic addition, as it pairs so perfectly with grey.  In fact, silver is the very easiest of metallic shades to work with.

Silver always adds a touch of glamour to a room.  Its light reflective qualities make it sit happily and easily next to diamonds and light sources, such as chandeliers and lamps, really bringing out the sparkle and making a room dazzle in pure and beautiful light.

Unlike other metallic shades it is difficult to use too much silver in a scheme, as it creates a feeling of space – the simple addition of a large mirror in a small room will make that room appear much larger.

Despite silver being on the cool side of the colour spectrum, it goes well with all colour schemes, whether they are cool or warm colours.  However silver does pair best with the cooler colours; whites, greys, blues and lilacs.

Ideas for adding silver to your living space are numerous; mirrors, mirrored or silver painted furniture, picture frames, candle holders, metallic fabrics for cushions, curtains and throws, decorative ornaments, vases, the list goes on and on and homeware stores stock many beautiful items to add to your silver themed rooms.

Versatile and giving, silver is a very worthy Colour of the Month.  I’d love to see photos of your silver themed living spaces, please feel free to send them over to me.

The beautiful photos in this blog post were kindly donated from Instagram user @nattyshome36, whom I would like to thank for her donation.  They truly embrace bringing silver into the home and show us how beautiful silver really can be.

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