Colour of the month – Bronze

OK, perhaps bronze isn’t a ‘colour’ as such – it comes in many different subtle hues – but in keeping with the current trend for metallics used in interior design, I thought making it my colour of the month just felt right.

Photo courtesy of amyreb_kb (Instagram)

Bronze is a warm metal, which is tactile and adds depth and interest to any home. It creates a warm and inviting, cosy, atmosphere. Bronze is rather understated, not overpowering like some of the other metallics, such as gold or platinum, making it easy to use and adapt to the required surroundings.

Photo courtesy of amyreb_kb

It is also incredibly versatile, coming in various shades and finishes. Bronze can be made to look smooth, shiny and sleek or rough and beaten, with either a matt or gloss finish, which makes it easy to combine with other materials, from other metals, woods or stone. It looks beautiful teamed with foliage and makes a great receptacle for lighting.

Because of this versatility bronze looks equally great in both dark and light living spaces, adding a touch of timeless understated glamour and luxury, without looking brash or garish.

Photo courtesy of @the_indigo_leopard_home (Instagram)

Bronze works particularly well in bathrooms. The bronze candles in this bathroom add warmth and glamour to an otherwise rustic setting. They sit perfectly with the natural fibres, plants and the stonework flooring and walls.

Photo courtesy of @_thegoldenbook (Instagram)

And the bronze accents in this bathroom add warmth and interest to an otherwise cool setting.

Photo courtesy of @ethanallensouthlake

The versatility, warmth and beauty of bronze will continue to see its influence continue in the world of interior design.

I would like to thank the beautiful photo donations from amyreb_kb, _thegoldenbook, the_indigo_leopard_home and ethanallensouthlake 🙂

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