Colour of the Month – Teal

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Teal is a colour that is taking the interior design world by storm. Relatively unknown and unused until recently, these days teal is big news.

It is said the name for teal originates from the teal duck, which has this colour around its eyes.

A mix of blue and green, but more tonal than its louder, brighter more famous cousin, Torquoise, Teal is a tone on the cool side of the colour spectrum. It is simply a stunning colour, yet calming and tranquil, often conjuring up thoughts of the sea and beaches. It feels modern, yet soothing and comes in various depths of tone, from pastels to deep darker tones.

The beauty of teal is that it works with any style of interior, from modern minimalist and contemporary to a more traditional look.

Pastel teal looks chic. It is light and bright enough to use on walls. Using pastel teal on walls will give a beautiful backdrop to showcase furniture, artwork and ornaments.

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Deeper, darker teal is rich and looks luxurious. Sofas, cushions, curtains and floor rugs all look beautiful in dark teal, against white walls and natural wood furniture or floors. Add accents of mustard for a truly interesting and dynamic feel. Dark teal also pairs well with other soft colours, such as lemon, baby pink, light blues and mint greens.

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For a more vintage look pair teal with golds, creams and light browns.

Wallpapers with pretty teal coloured patterns and prints also look great with those dark teal furnishings.

The versatility of teal means mixing with metallics is easy, it looks great with golds, copper, bronze or silvers.

Sophisticated and versatile, it’s little wonder that this colour has started to really make its mark on interiors all over. I’m looking forward to using it myself on some pieces of furniture. I will be posting photos when I do, so keep a watch out or follow me on Twitter and Instagram @thepaintedshack

I’d like to thank the photo contributions from The Painted Bird, Savage Interiors and 84 Square, all of whom can also be found on Instagram – check them out, they each have some beautiful photos of their pages.

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