My Year in Review – 2019

Well, the first month of the new decade, 2020, is almost up – time has been a bit of a misnomer for me through 2019 until now and I’ve just realised how little I managed to get on the keyboard to upkeep my blog for such a very long time.

2019 was a busy year for me in so many ways. I was painting furniture, selling furniture, obtaining ‘new’ items, holding furniture painting workshops, all whilst studying French, attempting (badly) to learn to play piano, attending pottery classes, volunteering at festivals for Oxfam, undertaking long charity walks for Battersea and getting myself a fresh and wonderful new romance to boot. Something had to fall by the wayside and my blog was, shamefully, left alone.

During 2019 many totally unique items left my care for their new homes, including an upcycled drinks cabinet, which started life as a rather unattractive television cabinet, tables and chairs, coffee tables and chests of drawers.

I took on lots of interesting and fun commissions, some of which brought their own issues and problems, as old items of furniture often tend to do, and I used different paints to suit my client’s requirements.

During possibly the hottest days on record for the UK in July I hosted a Furniture Painting Workshop, which saw the fans coming out to give us all some air and to try to stop the paint drying too quickly.

In September The Painted Shack joined forces with cushion designer, Patricia, who designs and hand sews totally unique cushions. They are simply beautiful and so individual. New designs will be coming along soon, which is always exciting.

I carried out possibly my favourite furniture renovation commission in October, which had me painting two items of furniture in bright colours, two shades of pink and an exotic gold yellow. Painting these certainly cheered me up on otherwise grey days.

The year drew towards my first Christmas with the new fella and lots of fun with him and before I knew it we were dancing and chinking in the new year, indeed a whole new decade. Scary thought!

So, here’s to 2020 and all that is in store for us all. I’ve got lots of things I need to be getting on with and lots of ‘new’ items of furniture coming in during the next few weeks.

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