Paint it, don’t bin in!

This blasted pandemic and subsequent lockdown madness/inconvenience has resulted in an increase of people opting to upcycle/renovate their furniture, rather than buy new.

A combination of shops being closed, preventing people from being able to actually go in to a store and see, and FEEL, what they are buying, whilst being sat in their homes looking at their existing pieces – usually good quality and structurally sound, but looking tired, dated, and sometimes a little tatty too from years of use, all to the backdrop of potential economic uncertainty while we all wait this thing out, meant that many people really saw the value in renovating what they already had. It’s seen furniture renovators, like myself, inundated with orders.

The most popular item to come through The Painted Shack’s doors has been the trusted chest of drawers. An item most people have and need and, it seems from the clients I’ve worked for, an item many people bought at some point between the 80’s and 90’s in that most trusted of furniture staples, orange pine!

The beauty of these, almost generic, pieces is they can be made to look so individual and unique, to suit any person’s current tastes and styles. They can be transformed to enhance an interior design scheme, either becoming a statement piece in a room, or to meld in with a colour scheme or other items in the room.

One such set that came to me for a make-over caused quite a stir and a lot of interest and enquiries after I’d finished it and posted it on my usual social media platforms (Instagram @paintedshack ; Facebook ; Twitter @paintedshack)

Generic orange pine chests – before.

It was all about these two chests, a six drawer and four drawer pair, which were in almost perfect condition – which is always a joy to work on. My client chose a sophisticated grey in a paint brand I hadn’t used before, called Mylands. This brand, again, was a joy to paint with and I really enjoyed getting to grips with this particular commission.

My client also decided have the original pine wooden drawer handles replaced with modern, sleek, silver cup style handles, totally transforming her bedroom set. They were finished with stylish – and practical – glass tops, which are pretty and protective and, surprisingly, not as expensive as many people think, although they add an element of glamour and really finish a piece of furniture off.

After their makeover

I think you’ll all agree these standard pine chest of drawers, which screamed 80’s student digs/first home, really transformed into two elegant and sophisticated items, which were just perfect for my sophisticated client.

#upcycle #paintitbeautiful #paintitdontbinit

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  1. We couldn’t be happier with them ! You are not only a beautiful person but creative, professional, such a delight to work with and work miracles ! Thank you x


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