My Paint Colour of the Month – Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

I recently took stock of the numerous items of unpainted furniture that were cluttering up my life and business and decided to take action, deciding on blue as a starting point colour, primarily as it’s a favourite of mine but also because I have it on good authority (Colour Curator, Joa Studholme, no less!) that blues will be trendy in interior design throughout 2021/2022.

Obviously choosing ‘blue’ as a paint colour is not that simple, the shades of blue paints out there are almost infinite. My home is close to the sea, so I’ve always veered towards a coastal feel for my interior, using blues to that advantage with blue skies and seas in prints and photos. It was with this in mind I chose Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue to transform several items.

According to Farrow & Ball, Stiffkey Blue got its name from a Norfolk beach, reminiscent of the area of sea where the mud and cockles mingle creating a deep navy blue. There is definitely something very coastal about this shade.

Stiffkey Blue has cool undertones but is versatile, giving a varied feel depending on its surroundings and the amount of light in a room. It feels bright and energetic in bright open spaces but equally feels soothing and calm in darker, more intimate, settings.

Farrow & Ball suggest using it with their All White or Ammonite whites for high contrast but I think it would also look great teamed with another favourite paint brand of mine, Mylands, using their shade ‘Greenwich Time’ or ‘Sloane Square’. I know many Farrow & Ball enthusiasts wouldn’t dream of matching a F & B paint with another brand but I think sometimes it’s just more fun to mix and match these things up a bit.

When it comes to putting Stiffkey Blue onto furniture, this contemporary versatile colour is a great choice. It’s striking and makes a real ‘statement piece’, whilst maintaining the sophistication that F & B are renowned for.

I paired this console table with silver chrome cup drawer handles, which really stand out against the blue backdrop.

Using antique brass knobs on this piece, painted in the same blue, gives the colour more richness and depth. Whilst the same piece, in the same blue, with silver knobs gives a contemporary cooler feel to the unit.

Bold, bright and beautiful whilst retaining an elegance, Stiffkey Blue would team harmoniously with yellows, particularly mustard yellow, turquoise/teal or pops of red. It sits alongside the normal whites, creams and greys with perfect ease and would look equally at home next to natural fibres and surfaces, such as wooden floors or granite wall tiles. Add glamour with gold accessories and interest with oversized, or over-hanging, house plants to create a homely, yet contemporary, look…..

Right, I’m off to paint some spare chairs, a vanity unit, a bookcase, a bedside cabinet, a kitchen stool, the kettle, the cat…….!! 😉 (No cats were harmed in the writing of this Colour of the Month blog!)

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