What will be hot news for interiors in 2022?

As the bells toll to bid farewell to 2021 and welcome in 2022 we all look towards a fresh start, new beginnings and the optimism of happier days ahead. It’s often a time for renewal, for ourselves, our lives and also our interiors.

As a collective we’ve spent almost two years living under the shadow of the pandemic, which has seen us spending more time than ever in our homes and in many cases having to alter and adapt our living spaces to accommodate home schooling and working from home scenarios. People have embraced the changes, creating home offices, outdoor relaxation and entertaining spaces, kitchen communal hubs – invention has been key.

So, looking forward in to 2022, what can we expect to be happening and trending in interior design?

The main buzz word this year is ‘green’ – both in terms of colour and the environmental ethos! Sustainability is key; renewable energy, upcycling, eco-friendly lifestyles, vintage and second-hand furniture, smart homes which optimise fuel consumption and reduce our carbon footprints. Living smart and living green is what it’s all about.

Colour, and lots of it, is also forecast for 2022, especially the colour green, whether it’s soft pastel greens, vivid limes, soothing olive or deep dark greens, we’ll be using this most natural of colours in all manner of ways. Green symbolises harmony and growth – two things we could all do with in the present circumstances. Bold and deep colours are set to make a come back and, in terms of green, emerald is looking like a hot one to watch for. If green just isn’t your thing blues or earthy terracotta, more of those natural hues, are big news too.

In keeping with that harmony and growth I just mentioned, nature and all things natural will be coming indoors, with lots of leafy plants, plant motifs and floral patterns, which will give our homes lots of positive energy.

Accents of black, including black furniture, will also be trending for 2022. Statement pieces of furniture in black are really striking and can totally transform a living area. I painted a large dining table in black which looked incredible against my client’s beautiful red and white dining room. A couple of extra black accents in the room really brought the look together.

Rounded and curved furniture are forecast to become very fashionable, from soft over-padded sofas to stylish oval and round dining and coffee tables, this year it’ll all be about the curves, baby!

Matchy-matchy furniture and interiors are on their way out. With the recent surge in awareness of our urgent need for sustainable living more people will be seeing the value of repurposing their existing furniture and/or purchasing second-hand pieces, as opposed to mass produced items. Pairing old pieces of furniture with new artwork, accessories or luxurious textiles can create an interesting and beautiful space, while keeping a modern feel to the room.

Open plan living spaces are becoming less popular, as people rediscover the need for personal space, especially as we’ve all been sharing so much time together under one roof, one ceiling, these past two years. Walls, room dividers and cosy nooks are making a come back to cater for today’s active busy families and their need for individual space.

The general feel for interiors going forward will be lots of energy and vibrancy, individual styles with unique pieces – minimalism is out, cosy interesting space with heaps of personality and colour is in. I’m loving the sound of this exciting shift in style and looking forward to embracing more colour into my own home.

Happy 2022 everyone!

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