What will be trending in interior design for 2019?

I know we're still very much in 2018 but the midnight hour bells and warblings of Auld Lang Syne will soon be upon us.  2019 will, as every year previous, see new trends moving into our homes.  So, I thought I'd take a quick peek at some early trend predictions for next year, 2019. It... Continue Reading →

What exactly is Urban Modern Interior Design?

Trendy and hip, Urban Modern interior design is about cosmopolitan style and living. It incorporates elements of industrial contemporary and minimalist style, but with a warmer, softer feel.  Industrial contemporary lends itself naturally to modern city dwellings, old converted warehouse apartments, for example, where exposed brickwork and pipes, high ceilings and open plan layouts result... Continue Reading →

Turquoise – My Colour of the Month

Turquoise conjures up images of the beach and sea - fitting for the wonderful Summer we've had this year and making it my Colour of the Month. Because its colour is similar to the sea, psychologically it relates to a feeling of peace and serenity.  The component colours of blue, green and yellow create emotional... Continue Reading →

Back to Black!

There is something intriguing and interesting about black used in interior design.  It's a bold and brave colour choice but, when done well, it can look stunning.  In fact, all interior design insiders are predicting that black is going to be hitting our living spaces with aplomb next and the coming years, so keep a... Continue Reading →

How to stencil like a pro.

  Stencilling is a fun and creative way to add personality and interest to your living space.  When done well it can look stunning.  Furniture, walls, ceilings and canvasses can all be given a new unique look using stencils and a little bit of imagination. There is, however, a knack to achieving good results.  As... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Commission

I love my work.  Sometimes it throws difficulties at me and it's by no means an easy job, but in the main, I love it.  I love the variety, the challenges, the way it stretches my imagination, my creativity and my skill set. I recently finished a commission job which was pretty much the perfect... Continue Reading →

Chalk it up! My findings of chalk paint.

When I started painting furniture and generally getting involved in furniture renovation I spent days researching techniques, paints and finishes.  What were other furniture renovators doing, what did they use, what are other people getting up to?  I was keen to find out as much as possible and eager to investigate different options for my... Continue Reading →

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