What will be trending in interior design for 2019?

I know we're still very much in 2018 but the midnight hour bells and warblings of Auld Lang Syne will soon be upon us.  2019 will, as every year previous, see new trends moving into our homes.  So, I thought I'd take a quick peek at some early trend predictions for next year, 2019. It... Continue Reading →

Back to Black!

There is something intriguing and interesting about black used in interior design.  It's a bold and brave colour choice but, when done well, it can look stunning.  In fact, all interior design insiders are predicting that black is going to be hitting our living spaces with aplomb next and the coming years, so keep a... Continue Reading →

Paint Colour of the Month – Lancelot Grey

Despite all indications that greys are moving on and colours are entering our interiors again, grey is still my most popular paint colour for both furniture commissions and furniture sales. This last month one particular shade of grey has dominated.  Its name - Lancelot, from the Valspar Range.  I've painted several items in this shade... Continue Reading →

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