The Perfect Commission

I love my work.  Sometimes it throws difficulties at me and it's by no means an easy job, but in the main, I love it.  I love the variety, the challenges, the way it stretches my imagination, my creativity and my skill set. I recently finished a commission job which was pretty much the perfect... Continue Reading →

My Paint Colour of the Month – French Gray (F&B)

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that greys are in, in a big way, at the moment.  Grey is THE interior design staple of the moment.  It provides a great neutral backdrop to almost any other colour scheme you wish to throw at it; pinks, yellows, blues, purples, they all love being paired with grey. ... Continue Reading →

A table transformation tale…

Furniture arrives at The Painted Shack in various conditions.  Sometimes, most wonderfully, items turn up that simply need a little paint job to fix them up and make them good as new again. Most often, however, furniture needs a whole lot more TLC.  A lot of items that come through The Painted Shack doors are... Continue Reading →

Chalk it up! My findings of chalk paint.

When I started painting furniture and generally getting involved in furniture renovation I spent days researching techniques, paints and finishes.  What were other furniture renovators doing, what did they use, what are other people getting up to?  I was keen to find out as much as possible and eager to investigate different options for my... Continue Reading →

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